Platform for the production of custom tokens NODEX
Token - a unit of value that the organization creates a self-management of their enabling customers business model to interact with its products and at the same time contributing to the distribution of rewards and benefits to all interested parties. * William Moyar
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NODEX is a startup platform for creating individual user tokens, smart contracts, BCW - blockchain wallets and decentralized exchangers DEX, for crowdfunding and venture projects.
We simplify the way of tokenization to any entrepreneur who wants to make a financial project or company’s assets digital, create a bonus program of encouragement, loyalty or develop your own cryptocurrency in the application or tokens for ICO.
Service directions that we provide!
All areas are independent and complement each other - increasing the effectiveness of any project!
Block chain wallets
We make custom bcw wallets, company tokens, dex exchangers for business, crowdfunding, startups or ico.
Packaging and promotion of turnkey business ideas, development of strategies, selling landing pages, marketing, funnels, presentations, design, assembly, advertising content and assistance in promoting the project.
Startup Finder
Startup Aggregator - we collect ideas and post the MVP description on the platform, attracting investors, business angels, venture capital funds and accelerators.
Analytics and optimization of the financial architecture of your project, attracting specialized specialists and advisers to your project.
Listing on DEX
We create for our own management a decentralized exchange DEX, where various startups or ico can place themselves for auction after creating a token.
Capital Efficiency
Maintaining the liquidity of the client token on the exchange, increasing the activity and volume of trading with the help of liquidity bots for coinmarket cap.
Why choose a token:
  • easy to create your Startup project;
  • you can take investments in any currency directly;
  • high transaction speed;
  • the presence of a decentralized exchange DEX, where you can trade tokens after the release;
  • no need to add a personal account of the investor to the project site;
  • scalability of any project;
  • attracting investors around the world.
Advantages of the token:
  • The contract contains all the conditions of the transaction and, if the participants fulfill them, automatically receive the required ;
  • Allows you to exchange assets - money, shares and other types of personal value directly without the participation of third parties ;
  • High transaction rate;
  • Create your own decentralized exchange, where you can trade tokens immediately after their release;
  • One transaction can transfer an unlimited amount;
  • Full transparency of transactions.
Startup platform NODEX
  • Startup
    A startup is a company created to find a replicable and scalable business model.
  • Reproducibility
    Reproducibility is the ability to repeatedly sell the resulting solution.
  • Business scalability
    Scalability - the possibility of significant growth of the project.
NODEX — Smart Investments
NodeSharing Co. creates a decentralized Startup platform DEX, on which you can create and exchange your startup token paired with any other platform token .
Decentralized Еxchange
Now any ideological startup project will be able to create and place its token on NODEX .
  • Token sales on DEX (Decentralized Exchange) reduce many of the risks associated with using a typical centralized exchange service or exchanger
  • There is no need for verification and KYC because tokens are always at the user
  • Decentralization means that neither the administrator, nor the external structures or anyone can freeze your funds or restrict transactions and withdrawals. You have full control over your account
DEX impossible to arrest, restrict, hack or withdraw funds as all tokens are on users' wallets around the world, and the exchange itself is a common web interface that displays the user's balance and does not have access to cryptocurrencies!
Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX
Nodex Map
NDX Limited Emission Token Release
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Creating a WEB version of the wallet
The release of the Desktop version of the wallet for the PC - NDX Wallet
Opening the exchanger inside the wallet
Partnership with venture company Energy 2020
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Listing on external exchanges
Creating your own Energy2020 token
Creating your own exchange DEX and the opening of trading
Creating your own Visard token
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Creating a software tokenized accounting system
Token integration into all NODEX platform systems
Service provision of tokenized companies based on NDXNodex Map
Business interaction
In terms of investment The entire Nodex platform runs on its own NDX token with the goal of maximizing monetization .
Step-by-step implementation of project strategies, withdraw both the company and the investor for a long-term dividend income and is beneficial to both parties .
The company and the investor receive an increase in market capitalization of the project / token chosen by the investor .
Bidding of this coin increases the liquidity of the asset - which is good for both the company and the investor .
Enterprise Teconomy
The company lays in the strategy to earn on commission turnover tokens NDX and controls 25% of the company's tokens, 75% of tokens and rewards for transactions with them are distributed among token holders .
Nodex Fee
The commission, accruals and work of all platforms of the company occurs exclusively on NDX tokens, which in turn gives it additional liquidity, price growth, trading volume and turnover .
Commission Fee
The commission turnover of tokens and transactions with them, brings remuneration round the clock, internal exchange commission, commission for input and output, commission for placed orders and transactions on the stock exchange also bring additional rewards to the token holder .
Restricted issue
100,000,000 tokens

Gives a direct opportunity to grow within the framework of the law of currency deficit, and quarterly burning token allows you to stabilize the course and keep it at a given elevation .
Good deeds!
Do Good Things!
Charity is one of the main indicators of a healthy society.
Your every thousandth token goes to help fund Помочьвсем.рф
No need to choose who to help. Your donation will be equally shared by nine charitable foundations. Now to help everyone is easy!
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