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How to become a miner with NODEX?
Only three steps, and you begin to produce new tokens without effort and hassle!
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Stake amount
ROI Month
up to 4% Указанная доходность является потенциальной и не является публичной офертой.
ROI Year
up to 48% Указанная доходность является потенциальной и не является публичной офертой.
Possible profit
up to 148 NDX Указанная доходность является потенциальной и не является публичной офертой.
How Staking Works
In order to create a Stack and start the NDX node, you just need to create a wallet with a unique user ID, exchange the desired number of tokens in it and click "Staking". The system automatically syncs with the blockchain and makes a connection.
  • Staking freezes tokens for a period of 12 months, during which it produces new tokens every day.
  • Coin production power and speed is calculated using Token Rate. Calculations are based on the number of frozen tokens and the current system index for the month.
  • The extracted tokens are credited to your wallet daily - once a day.
We provide BCW software and mining equipment that includes:
  • Hardware as a dedicated server resource for your cloud mining;
  • Your unique user ID, which shows that this Staking Unit belongs to you;
  • An expanded separate blockchain node as a software part;
  • Configured and pre-installed blockchain wallet with the ability to exchange and freeze tokens necessary for successful mining;
  • A certain amount of tokens included in the frozen stack is an integral part of the POS mining process, while the user remains the owner of these coins;
  • Dedicated control - a server on which a smart contract monitors the correct transfer of coins and pool rewards created during the mining process.
POS mining technology and its advantages
Token NDX - an advanced concept of POS mining:
The technology allows you to mine coins without using expensive mining equipment. Instead, on a single distribution node (node), you must have a certain number of selected coins.
For mining, it is enough to register in the web version of the wallet, mobile application or ordinary computer with the running program and BCW wallet, which are synchronized with blockchain and digital currency.
Proof-Of-Stake - Proof of ownership is an advanced technology that allows you to mine coins without using expensive mining equipment.
The concept is based on WAVES and NODEX's own development of the non-standard implementation of Proof-of-Stake in the blockchain:
  • — increase the level of transaction confidentiality;
  • — increase transaction speed up to several minutes;
  • — participation in the management of the DAO, the voting system in making important decisions;
  • — participate in the distribution of "budget" funds for the development of the block chain of the project network;
  • — POB quarterly token burning;
Cheaper mining process
The absence of costs for the purchase and maintenance of mining equipment, huge electricity bills, overhead costs and the creation of infrastructure in the form of ventilation systems, rental premises and staff.
Triple yield
POS mining is an income in three directions.
  • — reward for transaction processing;
  • — reward for holding coins;
  • — remuneration for maintaining the pool and referral charges.
Staking Pool
It allows you to increase your income several times and form a mining pool with other network members, receiving referral rewards of up to 15% and group rewards of up to 100,000 tokens, the larger your pool - the more transactions it confirms.
DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
Management is carried out by many people who own project tokens using blockchain-based voting. Token holders with large stacks - voting influence the course, development and activities of the company.
Enterprise Tokenomic
The company lays down in the strategy to earn on the commissioned turnover of NDX tokens and manages 25% of the company's tokens, 75% of tokens and rewards for operations with them are distributed among the token holders.
Nodex Fee
The commission fee, accrual of fees and the work of all platforms of the company takes place exclusively on NDX tokens, which in turn gives it additional liquidity, price growth, trading volume and turnover.
Commission Fee
The commission turnover of tokens and transactions with them, round-the-clock brings rewards, a commission for internal exchange, a commission for deposit and withdrawal, a commission for placed orders and transactions on the exchange also bring additional rewards to the token holder.
Limited emission
100,000,000 tokens

It provides a direct opportunity for growth within the framework of the law of currency deficit, and the quarterly burning of the token allows you to stabilize the rate and keep it at specified levels.
Install your NDX wallet
In development mobile NODEX wallets for Android and iOS platforms. Private keys are stored only on a smartphone. Strong encryption of the private key and storage of encrypted data on the device provides a high level of security.
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200 000
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