We have introduced in the Staking Pool development the ability for users to combine stacks, creating their own mining pool - when everyone can team up with their friends and more quickly receive rewards and referral income.
Concept A cryptocurrency mining pool is a server that distributes the calculation task between all its participants. As soon as one of them hits the target, the participants receive their reward confirming the transaction.
Benefits The pool has a higher chance of finding a transaction block and getting a reward than a single miner. However, if you participate in the pool, then you will have to share the profit with all the participants in the “pool”, but for most this is usually the most profitable option.
Uniq user ID Each mining pool contains hundreds of individual miners and determines them by a unique User ID that is assigned when creating a bcw wallet or register.
Distribution Whenever a mining pool finds a block and confirms a transaction, the reward is distributed among all members of the pool based on% of their contribution and the size of the stack.
Anyone can create their own mining pool today.