NDX Token - is a direct fork of Waves and the base token of the NODEX and STARTMARKET platforms.

NODEX is a startup platform for creating individual user tokens, smart contracts, BCW - blockchain wallets and decentralized exchangers DEX, for crowdfunding and venture projects.

Based on the Blockchain NODEX, the infrastructure of the STARTMARKET, NODEX.EXCHANGE, NDX WALLET projects was built.

STARTMARKET is a startup aggregator for crowdfunding with a wide range of options from custom tokenization of projects and building a financial architecture to marketing and further placing the project on a platform to attract investors. Also, any project token can be placed on the decentralized NODEX.EXCHANGE exchange making it very easy for projects listing process and gives quick access to trading and external investors. Also, at the request of a startup, our platform can provide token liquidity on the exchange and monitor the trading volume.

Business interaction
In terms of investment the entire Nodex platform runs on its own NDX token with the goal of maximizing monetization.
Step-by-step implementation of project strategies, withdraw both the company and the investor for a long-term dividend income and is beneficial to both parties.
The company and the investor receive an increase in market capitalization of the project / token chosen by the investor.
Bidding of this coin increases the liquidity of the asset - which is good for both the company and the investor.
Enterprise Tokenomic
The company lays in the strategy to earn on commission turnover tokens NDX and controls 25% of the company's tokens, 75% of tokens and rewards for transactions with them are distributed among token holders.
Nodex Fee
The commission, accruals and work of all platforms of the company occurs exclusively on NDX tokens, which in turn gives it additional liquidity, price growth, trading volume and turnover.
Commission Fee
The commission turnover of tokens and transactions with them, brings remuneration round the clock, internal exchange commission, commission for input and output, commission for placed orders and transactions on the stock exchange also bring additional rewards to the token holder.
Limited emission
100,000,000 tokens

Provides direct growth opportunity within the framework of the law of currency deficit, and the quarterly burning of the token allows you to stabilize the rate and keep it at given levels.
Why choose NODEX mining?
Staking Pool
It allows you to increase your income several times and form a mining pool with other network members, receiving referral rewards of up to 15% and group rewards of up to 100,000 tokens, the larger your pool - the more transactions it confirms.
Triple yield
POS mining is an income in three directions.
  • — reward for transaction processing;
  • — reward for holding coins;
  • — rewards for maintaining the pool and referral charges.
DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
Management is carried out by many people who own project tokens using blockchain-based voting. Token holders with large stacks - voting influence the course, development and activities of the company.
Level Pool Volume Bonus Reward
5% 3000 NDX +50 NDX Second reward
6% 9000 NDX +100 NDX Second reward
7% 18000 NDX +200 NDX Second reward
8% 36000 NDX 1000 NDX Stake
9% 72000 NDX 2000 NDX Stake
10% 150000 NDX 3000 NDX Stake
11% 300000 NDX 6000 NDX Stake
12% 600000 NDX 12000 NDX Stake
13% 1200000 NDX 24000 NDX Stake
14% 3000000 NDX 48000 NDX Stake
15% 6000000 NDX 72000 NDX Stake
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